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We try to keep this updated regularly. Tho we do have some dogs and puppies that don't make it here to the site before adopted. Please see our Facebook page as it usually has more pictures available. (This website is still a work in progress 😊)


We believe most families are not complete until they add a dog to their home.

However, we will screen the application to make sure the dog/puppy will be a good fit for your family type and time.

We want to set our dogs up for success.

Puppies are CUTE, no denying that!  BUT they are a lot of work once they start growing up. They need structure, guidance, love and patience.

We have all of our dogs in private foster homes so we know their issues and dispositions so they can be placed in the correct fitting home so they remain their FOREVER!

We do an application, home check, meet n greet and contract on ALL of our dogs!